Health Policy and Systems Research Building the evidence base for health system transformation through designing and testing of future health system models and measures (QUEST)

The QuEST project aims at building evidence to support transformation to high quality health systems by improving measurement, testing solutions, and creating generalizable knowledge in partnership with changemakers. It’s a multi-country consortia of 6 QuEST centres/countries and research affiliate spread across Africa, Latin Americas, India and Harvard funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. QuEST’s research objectives are i) Prepare evidence base for service delivery redesign by conducting feasibility assessments and co-developing models for service delivery redesign for maternal and newborn survival ii) Develop and test a People’s Voice Survey to understand the public’s pulse on health system quality including utilization preferences, quality expectations, care quality, confidence in health system and iii) Develop and test E-Cohorts for Maternal and Newborn Health mapping the care trajectory, care quality, women’s experience, and health outcomes for mothers and newborns to diagnose critical points in the care pathway

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